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The art of recycling is more then just sending things to the recycling system

The most important part is to rethink our use of items.

  • Do we really need it?
  • Can it be repaired?
  • How well built is it?
  • Is it actually designed to be recycled?
  • Is there someone in the in your area that is able to repurpose the item?
  • The next is can we reduce the number we need. 
  • Can it be repurposed early. Lithium cells, and Plastic both can be vary high on this list.

Getting the most out of the existing population of cells. 

It is of the utmost importance that we get the most out of our exciting cells and batteries. 

Before returning the recycle depot we should first brake them down into component parts. The plastics sent to the plastic recycling to be turned into 3d printing filament or injection moulding.

The electronics to the electronics department for evaluation and further tar down.

The cells then need to be tested for remaining capacity and grouped for repurposing into power walls, Bicycle power packs. Electronic projects etc. Those that are truly spent then need to go o the cell recyclers were they will reclaimed around 80% of the components in the cell.

Last Update September 10, 2020

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